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Contact-Free delivery

Educate your staff on the concept of Contact-Free delivery and how to make sure it’s fully implemented into your takeaway delivery service.


How we’re helping you

During this pandemic we’re committed to helping and supporting you to make sure your takeaway delivery service can continue.


Reducing the spread

Educate your staff and customers on what steps they can take to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Dealing with COVID-19

How do you deal with COVID-19? Take precautionary measures to avoid getting infected and becoming a carrier so your customers, staff and family remain safe.


Looking after you and your takeaway family

The UK Govt. has been in fore-front to help out the local businesses and self-employed people to survive during the pandemic by introducing several schemes.

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We want to celebrate the positive news in the world and champion those of you in the takeaway industry who are going above and beyond to continue to help people and make them smile during isolation. Here we share stories and recognise those Takeaway Care Champions, who are committed to working through these tough times.

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